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Maotai liquors in China (the opponent of Maotai, the first Maotai liquor category) Compare other business theories, such as STP+4P of marketing management, five forces model and three basic strategies of competitive strategy, value chain design of blue ocean strategy, brand association, loyalty, popularity and perceived quality of brand equity, you will find positioning The logic of the theory and the cases are easy to understand. If the positioning theory is regarded as a Bulk SMS Service product, then the marketing of this product is also very consistent with the positioning theory. Readers have limited minds and hate complexity: Positioning Theory uses 22 books to repeat the same set of ideas. The examples are all a routine - those who focus on category differentiation win, and those who integrate diverse categories lose. The strategy is to focus on differentiation, occupy and lead a category: Positioning Theory focuses on the differentiated highlands of the consumer mind, known as "the concept that has ever had the greatest impact on American marketing." Simple elaboration means lack of qualifications and complete thinking framework. The result is either distorted communication and forced extension, or ignoring the complexity of business